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Dear Creativians/ Alumni
Great philosopher and writer Matshona Dhliwayo had once said, “It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree’s greatest strength lies.” How true it is especially in the context of one’s family and one’s alma mater.

You have been our precious branches, you grew strong and added to the strength of our school. You made our roots stronger with each passing year. It is with this right and confidence that I write to you today.

I am sure you may be aware by now that we created an Alumni Network a year ago. And it gives me immense joy to say that many of you came forward to encourage the endeavor. We truly and deeply appreciate your grit. Our chief objective of creating the Alumni Network was not only to bring all of our alumni on one platform but also to leverage from the wide knowledge each one of them possesses.

It is said – Your Network is your Net worth. We believe that our network of former students is a body of knowledge, a body of experience. How wonderful to have such a vast network of people from various fields coming together, sharing knowledge and resources. This is how we have envisioned our Alumni Network to be.

We intend to create a strong networking platform of Alumni through an exclusive Alumni Forum. This will become a fruitful stage of sharing knowledge and resources, having meaningful conversations and helping each other. That way, we all can become a pillar of strength and a pillar of wisdom for each other.

Through this platform, we all can collaborate and share professional information and knowledge alongwith life’s experiences and wisdom. Former senior students can offer suggestions in terms of imparting education or improving facilities for current students. It is our heartiest desire that this platform also becomes a way for alumni to help each other by connecting each other with peers or professionals of their respective fields.

There’s nothing like the joy of sharing knowledge and wisdom that we have earned first-hand from life’s experiences. And especially when this sharing comes from people who we call family, it becomes trustworthy and personal.

With that thought, I urge each one of you to always cling to your roots. You were born and brought up in Gangapur city. How can you and us together bring Gangapur onto a global map? We can join hands for social causes such as sanitation, health camps or contribute towards better educational facilities at far-off places around the city. Let us together work towards the development and progress of our hometown.

I understand that some of you may be wondering whether you would be able to make time for the annual Alumni Meet. For that, we have a clear plan. We intend to organize mini Alumni Meet-ups in cities where we find a considerable number of Alumni living. So basically, you get a chance to meet your peers at the annual Alumni Meet at Gangapur and/or at a city near you.

Creative Public School Group has endeavored to unite – people, resources and forces. It is you who gave us so much diversity that we were compelled to bind it into a strong unity. As alumni, you now have the chance to set examples before your juniors, the next generation of students. Let us be examples of unity, let us be examples of respect for our roots.

I look forward to an unbreakable bond of unity among all of us.

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